Alison Scholtz

Swing & Jazz Dance Performance



Alison is a dance performer and instructor based in Los Angeles. She began training in Swing and Lindy Hop in Seattle, Washington in 2007.  After moving to San Francisco in 2012, she started teaching progressive, adult classes with the company Swing or Nothing.  In addition to teaching, Alison performed locally with the Swing or Nothing dance team. She also performed and choreographed for The Someday Sweethearts, an all girls chorus line troupe.  The Sweethearts recreated musical theater dance numbers, sang three-part harmony jazz songs, and performed vintage jazz routines. 

Alison currently performs in Los Angeles with her dance partner Damon Donnelly and teaches weekly swing classes at Third Street Dance. She also recently completed the Certificate Program at the International Dance Academy of Hollywood training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.


Vintage Jazz Dance is an umbrella term that includes Charleston, Solo Jazz, Swing, and Lindy Hop  vernacular dances that evolved alongside jazz music in Harlem, New York during the 1920's, 30's, and 40's. Solo Jazz is distinct in that it does not require a partner, and draws influences from Charleston and Lindy Hop.  East Coast Swing tends to be taught as the precursor to Lindy Hop, a more intricate partner dance that incorporates acrobatic tricks and aerials.  Experienced Lindy Hoppers are well versed in all styles, and integrate them into their dancing.