Alison Scholtz

Swing & Jazz Dance Performance

Damon & AlisoN

credit: Abby Mahler

credit: Abby Mahler

credit: Abby Mahler


Alison and her partner Damon love to share their passion for dancing through performance.  They have several choreographed routines prepared and are ready to entertain your audience with a showcase of Lindy Hop and vintage jazz dances.  Alternatively, they can improvise to your live band or DJed music for the duration of an event, adding atmosphere and encouraging guests to join on the dance floor.  For a demonstration of their performance ability, click here to see Alison's video reel, or here to see Damon and Alison dance Swing and Lindy Hop.


Damon and Alison are also available for private and group instruction. With over twenty years of combined teaching experience, their classes range from beginner friendly to advanced.  They emphasize the importance of musicality, creativity, and dynamic partner connection that is fundamental to Swing and Lindy Hop.  They are able to lead interactive lessons for guests at your event or party.  They also offer one-on-one lessons in Culver City, which benefit students who want to focus on specific areas of growth.